How you can help

We support the less fortunate in Prague. We aim at solving critical situations, stabilising their life and preventing it from getting worse. We listen to experts and social workers in the field and offer new and creative solutions. We review the effectiveness of our support. We strive for Prague as a pleasant living space for all of us.

In 2021 the City of Prague founded the Social Foundation with an endowment of 10 million Czech crowns. As of now, they will match each crown donated to the foundation up to the amount of 10 million crowns a year. 

10 000 Kč can bring success at school
It will cover tutoring for a child in foster care for 6 months.
Matched by the City of Prague, it will cover one whole year!
25 000 Kč can build mental stability
It will cover regular psychotherapy sessions for people with disabilities or for caregivers for 1 year.
Matched by the City of Prague, it will be helping two people for the duration of one year!
40 000 Kč can secure a new home or a safe place
It will cover a deposit to secure housing for one family for a year or a temporary residence for 2 months. 
Matched by the City of Prague it can help two families gain a stable residence!
70 000 Kč can ensure a life for people with disabilies or elderly at their own place with adequate assistance
It will cover home assistance for 6 months.
Matched by the City of Prague, it can provide help for one whole year! 

You can also set your own giving challenge and inspire your friends and colleagues! A sports or cultural event or a celebration can become a shared act of philanthropy and bonding. And we can help you set up a simple mechanism for donations.

Share the joy of giving!

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