Our principles

We follow these principles to make sure that our help is effective.


Our help must reach the client in time so the approval process is cut to a minimum. After a quick check, an application is sent to evaluators who decide without delay if support will be provided.

Targeted support

Our programmes are created according to people’s real needs. We cooperate with partner organisations and grassroots social workers, we analyse data from the City of Prague.


We constantly ask ourselves how effective our help is. We cooperate with evaluators to see if our support really makes a difference. We review individual cases and the work of the whole foundation.


Sometimes bad luck comes into play, other times one finds him/herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes things just go awry. We are not indifferent and we do not judge. We try to build a bridge to safety. If we cannot help we try to look for other possibilities.


We don’t hide anything. Anyone can check if he/she is eligible for support; our appraisal criteria are clear and publicly available.