What is the Social Foundation of the City of Prague?

The Social Foundation was established by the City of Prague as a unique tool for supporting Prague’s inhabitants through philanthropy. We are a charity founded by the City of Prague.

We want to live in a city where everybody can live a content life and anyone in need can get help. What is our idea of a quality life?

Everyone can find a stable residence and escape housing insecurity
The majority of children grow up in foster families instead of children's homes. Foster parents get adequate support in their role.
An opportunity to live a meaningful life for people with disabilities.
A feeling of reassurance that one is not left all alone in difficult situations.

We build the missing bridges to make Prague a good place for living.

Our bridges cross over:

· Shortcomings in the current system of state social support that hinder timely and sufficient help

· Unexpected emergency situations which need a quick fix

· Related social problems of the population of Prague

We create and nurture innovative solutions

Our aim is to prevent emergencies. We want to be part of innovative solutions to social problems in Prague, therefore:

· We closely cooperate with representatives of both public administration and private sector who are involved in long-term solutions to social problems in Prague

· We get people who experienced difficulties themselves, e.g. foster parents or disabled persons, involved in looking for effective solutions

· We analyse our data and evaluate our effectiveness

We believe that philanthropy works the best in a local framework.

Thanks to concentrating our charitable effort in Prague and its individual districts we understand better the specific local needs and problems and our support is targeted and bespoke. Our foundation is usually able to offer support to vulnerable persons faster than the state system is; at the same time, we can explore and trial new ways that may be adopted by the public administration.